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We develop our own in-house games that are aimed towards balancing entertainment and our mission of developing empathy, introspection and critical thinking.



Boundaries is a digital game where people connect with each other in a safe and intimate space.

In Boundaries, players will learn about one another through a series of increasingly personal questions, while building their customized and unique collection of tiles together.

Through personal experiences of therapy, and games that engage players through "Tending and Befriending"

Jedidiah, the creator of Boundaries, started therapy in order to to work through childhood trauma and social anxiety. Additionally, he was studying games that engaged players through creating spaces for social connections, in contrast with many games that engage through adrenaline.


He observed that both of these experiences had the commonality of safe spaces, which allowed one to be vulnerable for introspection and empathy with others. "Boundaries" is a culmination of what he has observed, and he hopes that more people will be able to use it as part of their personal journey of mental health and self-actualization.

If you would like to playtest the game, drop us an email at to arrange for a session!

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