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Serious Games and the like: Why we should care

(Reading Time: 2 minutes)

Serious Games and the like - it’s in our lives more than we think.

In school, teachers sometimes use games as a way to engage and teach students by modelling complex concepts. The trainers in your workshops might have designed scenarios where you learned by roleplaying. Your credit card probably has a rewards system that uses points to encourage you to spend more (that’s gamification). Even if you don’t play games, there are many programs around you that would have used game concepts in its design.

A large part of my work at AlterCulture Studios as a game designer, educator and consultant is helping others understand what serious games are and its various applications. My work not only applies to the Games Industry, but also extends to the public service and private sectors. In my opinion, increasing your serious game literacy will help your understanding towards human psychology and social dynamics, and can positively influence your ability to judge or design a program that involves engaging and/or educating people.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of understanding serious games, I hope the series of posts in the following days will be useful to anyone, regardless of your experience with games or the industry you are in. I will be sharing:

TLDR versions and links to the different posts can be accessed through this article, so do check back often.

Until then, if you have any questions with regards to Serious Games, or any previous experiences with Serious Games and the like, feel free to respond to my post!


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