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We offer workshops and webinars around games, game design theory, and how gameful experiences can create positive and proactive change in any organisation.

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The Paper Playground is a 3-hour workshop that gives people a sneak peek into the life of a game designer. Participants will get an introduction to the basics of game design before getting some hands-on experience in designing their very own game prototype that they get to take home.

A full-day version of The Paper Playground is also available and is targeted at corporate settings. Participants will be asked to identity specific work-related goals/needs that they would like to explore through the use of games. Participants will then be matched with invited professionals from the games industry, who will then work together in order to design a games that addresses the specified goals/needs. 

Get in touch if you'd like to join a workshop!

Paper Playground
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Games as Art was a webinar conducted on 17 August 2020 in conjunction with National Arts Council's Learning Festival 2020. Participants explored the many ways in which games can be considered art, and discussed how games may be able to play a role in developing Singapore's local art scene.


*We welcome requests for workshops/webinars that cover specific topics about games as needed for your organisation. Feel free to reach out to us through the contact page or via email at to discuss! 

Games as Art
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